The Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union (further the AVPU), founded in November of 2000, is a non-governmental organization, acting in Azerbaijan. The aim of creating the AVPU is to develop the volunteers’ work in Azerbaijan, promote solution of society’s problems and improve the well – being of vulnerable population. The youth of AVPU, with the help of attracted volunteers, creates all the necessary conditions for rendering gratuitous benevolent assistance to the vulnerable people of all the different social levels of society; promotes the democratization process in Azerbaijan by educating human rights in various regions and settlements of the country.

Moreover, the AVPU set a task to take serious measures for restoring the cleanness of environment, planting greenery in the city and drawing population’s attention to existing ecological problems. In the period of strengthening the process of  Azerbaijan’s integration into the World, the broad exchange of experience promotes the development of volunteers’ work as well. One of the activity forms of the AVPU is to create working camps for providing, at least, minimum needs of vulnerable population (refugees, homeless children, invalids, etc.). Organizing seminars, conferences, scientific debates and doing other kinds of activities not prohibited by legislation strengthens the AVPU’ s integration to international organizations and contributes to determining the volunteers’ role in the world.

Having realized the necessity of all the above-mentioned tasks, we have established the Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union, which believes to future and is able to focus on the problems, using all the means possible. Basing upon democratic principles, the AVPU will be engaged in conducting the following forms of activity:

  1. Promotion of Volunteerism in Azerbaijan;
  2. Assistance to the establishment of civil society in Azerbaijan;
  3. Creation of different projects to solve social-ecological problems;
  4. Partnership with the world organizations, which are engaged in the activity, not prohibited by legislation.
  5. Conduction of educational sociological surveys, seminars, social polls and conferences among different groups of population.
  6. Working on human rights issues
  7. Promotion of healthy life style by struggle against the most common diseases such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, use of alcohol, use of tobacco products etc.
  8. Supporting public activities which have positive impact in the society
  9. Acquaintance and study of wide experience of advanced foreign countries in many life spheres.
  10. Protection of national, moral and worldly   values
  11. Conduction of activity towards decreasing the poor state of population of Azerbaijanby contributing to the solution of economical crisis in the country
  12. Co-operation with international and national structures which are not prohibited by legislation
  13. Representation in the international and national structures which are not prohibited by legislation
  14. Involvement in other kinds of activities which are not opposite to the legislation and constitution of the Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union

Since the moment of its creation, the AVPU has been carrying out its functions for active implementation of the established tasks.

Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union was rewarded with the “Europena Youth Award” according to the results of 2005 was the youth Organisation of the year by the decision of the European Council.

Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union was one of the co-founders of the Youth Forum of the GUAM countries from Azerbaijan Republic. The GUAM youth forum was created in 21-24 may in Kiev the capital of  Ukraine.