Azerbaijan Volunteers Public Union Logo1.   GENERAL POINTS

1.1.  Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union (will be called AVU henceforth) is a non-governmental organization created by citizens of Republic of Azerbaijan on bases of similarity in interests, volunteerism, right equality of members, independently self-governing and democratic principals and deals with voluntary work.

1.2.  AVU forms its activity on bases of Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, strength judicial acts, international law norms and this Charter.

1.3.  Name of the Union: Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union

1.4.  AVU is an organization that owns bank balance, estate, seal and stamp, emblem, balance for bank’s transactions and other symbols.

1.5.  AVU can independently be member to and cooperate with international public institutions, can sign agreements and treaties not prohibited with strength jurisdiction.

1.6.  AVU can create its branches, open its representations within the borders of Republic of Azerbaijan.

1.7.  AVU can sign agreements, can acquire estate and non-estate rights, can be charged with responsibilities shown in jurisdiction, can act as an indicator or responsible in courts.

1.8.  The legal address of AVU: AZ 1040, Baku, Azerbaijan, Sabunchu district, N. Narimanov street-21/23, apartment 51


 2.1.  The main aim of establishment of AVU is to develop voluntary work in Azerbaijan; to contribute to the solution of problems that community faces, to improve well being of vulnerable population.

2.2.  Objectives and main fields of activity are shown below:

  • To attract the attention of citizens, population of Azerbaijan to voluntary work and to create a condition for them to serve for free and for charity;
  • To attract volunteer youth to solving of problems that society faces;
  • To attract volunteer youth to restoring of cleaning of environment, to strive for making our cities green and to direct the peoples attention to solving of existing ecological problems;
  • To organize youth use their free time productive;
  • Social, moral and psychological assistance to people who need special care;
  • Protection of rights of volunteers;
  • Organization of education of volunteers on their interests, on healthy life style: HIV/AIDS, tobacco using, alcohol and other issues;
  • Supporting of socially important initiatives;
  • Ashilamaq of patriotic feeling to children and youth;
  • Protection of national moral and worldly values;
  • Helping unemployed youth to gain knowledge and experience, to improve their professional skills that might be helpful for them to improve their professional skills for finding a job in future and with taking part in voluntary work using their time effective;
  • Attraction of volunteers to processes of reconstruction of historical monuments of Azerbaijan and renovation of our cities;
  • Supporting of creative, talented children and youth;
  • Supporting of development of legal state and civil society values in Azerbaijan through volunteers;
  • Cooperation with and membership to international organizations.

 2.3.  Public union can act in ways shown below in order to reach its goals:

  • To realize local and international work camps for solving of problems that are not prohibited with this regulation;
  • To realize joint projects with and to make relationships with different public unions, institutions acting abroad;
  • To organize exhibitions, round table discussions, different courses and seminars, social monitoring, scientific research, to realize conferences, charity marathons, forums, festivals, actions, mass cultural and different kinds of projects;
  • To organize foreign language, computer, and experience courses for people who need special care;
  • To establish press organs and mass media not prohibited with legislation, to publish information about its aims and activity independently;
  • AVU can also join projects acting in foreign states not prohibited with its aims and interests;
  • AVU can realize different kinds of humanitarian projects not prohibited with legislation;
  • AVU can make proposals regarding to improvement of normative judicial acts. Rights of public union are protected by special government agencies.

2.4.  AVU can realize any activity not prohibited with strength jurisdiction of Republic of Azerbaijan and with this Regulation.


 3.1.  Membership to AVU realizes by Board obeying procedures and conditions shown below:

  • Any individual wishing to become member of AVU can be chosen to membership after six months testing period;
  • Individuals that regularly take part in projects realizes during testing period can become members.

 3.2.  Individual wishing to act as a volunteer or to become a member has to apply to president of the AVU with a petition.

3.3.  Members and volunteers have to accept regulation without exception.

3.4.  A certified identification card is given to members and volunteers of the union by supreme agency of AVU.

3.5.  Members of the union have rights shown below:

  • To participate in events organized by AVU;
  • To elect and to be elected for ruling structures;
  • To have a complaint petition to ruling structures about activities of elected structures and responsible individuals;
  • To use technical, financial and other resources of AVU;
  • To participate in any discussion regarding members rights and objectives, to give an explanation, to object and to complain.

 3.6.  Members of AVU have the obligations shown below:

  • To obey the regulation of AVU, also moral norms and ethic norms of job;
  • To obey the decisions made by ruling structures;
  • To pay the membership fee in time.

 3.7.  Board of AVU determines the amount of membership fee.

3.8.  Membership to AVU can be cancelled in circumstances shown below:

  • Quitting membership to AVU voluntarily; in this case individual has to submit a petition to president and individual frees from membership the day when his/her petition ratifies. Petition must be signed in seven days after presented.
  • Dismissing from membership of AVU; in this case the petition signed by individual looses its strength.

 3.9.  Member of AVU is dismisses from membership in circumstances shown below:

  • Acting inappropriate to charter;
  • Being absent in AVU’s work regularly.

 3.10.        Decision on dismissing from membership of AVU is realizes by Board.


 4.1. Supreme agency of AVU is General Assembly that meets at least once a year.

4.2. Assembly considers authorized when more than 2/3 of members participate.

4.3. General Assembly:

  • Makes changes and adds to Charter of AVU;
  • Listens and utilizes the reports of ruling structures of the union;
  • Makes decisions about activity field of the union;
  • Elects Board, President and Vice-president of the union;
  • Quits the activity of the union.

 4.4. In General Assembly decisions are accepted with simple election.

4.5. Board calls Meeting. Members are informed with a notice two month to the meeting time. Irregular meetings can be called with 2/3 of Board members request in exceptional cases.

4.6. In the time period between General Assembly meetings Board leads the general activity of AVU.

4.7. Board consists of five members selected by President, Vice-president of AVU and General Assembly.

4.8. Board meetings are held at least once in a month. Irregular meetings can be called with the initiative of the head of the Board, head of the CCIC and 1/3 of members. Board:

  • Makes decisions on current activity of AVU;
  • Establishes branches and representations of AVU;
  • Hires and dismisses members;
  • It is legitimate when more than half of the members participate;
  • Board makes decisions regulating activity of branches and representations of AVU in regions of Republic of Azerbaijan.

4.9. Central Control- Inspection Committee (CCIC):

  • Consist of 3 members selected by General Assembly;
  • Members select chairman among themselves;
  • Controls appropriateness of activities of Board and activity of the organization to charter;
  • Chairman of CCIC participates in Board meetings as an observer;
  • Responsible towards General Assembly.

4.10. President of AVU:

  • Leads the activity of organization;
  • Represents AVU, signs treaties by getting positive opinion of Board, makes decisions on real estate of the union including the money that it owns;
  • Can establish working groups, departments, etc. within AVU;
  • Appoints chairperson for counseling of structures inside organization;
  • Orders and determines issues related with current activity of organization;
  • Opens bank account, hires and dismisses workers.

4.11. Vice-president of Union:

  • Replaces president when he or she is absent;
  • Leads the current activity of the union, executes the decisions and orders of President of AVU.


 5.1. Sources of forming of AVU’s estate:

  • Membership fees;
  • Estate and aids given voluntarily;
  • Incomes from selling of property, services done, works done;
  • Grants;
  • Incomes from exhibitions, concerts, etc. organized by AVU;
  • Other sources not prohibited with legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan


6.1. The union can be quitted in below mentioned cases:

  • With the decision of General Assembly of AVU by the vote of at least 2/3 of the members;
  • By court judgment in the cases shown in the legislation.

6.2. Quitting Commission is formed in case of quitting of the union. Quitting Commission is responsible for all operations of AVU after its formation.

6.3. After the quitting of the union the case on its estate is determined according to legislation.

6.4. Changes and adds to this Charter can be done with a decision made with simple election by members of General Assembly.