It was an international project by name “Exclude exclusion – inclusion we do!”.

“Exclude exclusion – we do inclusion!” international project was held by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus + on April 7th to 15th of 2015 in wannseeFORUM, Berlin.

The project was organized by  Stiftung wannseeFORUM and it is Multinational Youth Workers Exchange program with Participants from 13 Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgien, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine). 45 people participated in the project. Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union (AVPU) participated as partner in this international project.

Within the project the attention was attracted formal and informal education among youth going beyond the context of formal education. Issues as “Which groups are being excluded in this educational field?”, “Where in consists this exclusion and what are the mechanisms behind it?”, “Which opportunities and challenges towards the implementation of inclusion result from the principle of voluntary participation?”, “What are the latest developments towards an inclusive youth work in the different participating countries from Eastern and Western Europe?” were discussed.

Each country participating in the project  held  a presentation on youth policy and youth organization. Imamaddin Guliyev, president of AVPU, Nahid Guliyev, vice-president, Hasan Hasanli, Head of the International Relations Department represented our country in this project.

Detailed information about projects implemented in this direction, works done and current youth policy in Azerbaijan was given to the participants  within presentations. At the same time the projects implemented by AVPU, in particular, activities of volunteers and their participation in projects were also noted. Booklets about the projects were distributed, presentation containing statistical data was presented.

Culture night of the participating countries was held on the third day of the project. Detailed information about rich history, culture, geographical position, and  steadily growing economic situation of our country was given to the participants within presentation. Symbols, a variety of cuisine dishes of our country were presented to the participants of the project. Participants of AVPU presented “Baku 2015” 1th European Games which will hold in our country for the first time and video was shown to the participants about the European games, catalogs linking rich information were presented and other information was given. “Baku 2015” 1th European Games caused great interest of the member countries.

The 8-day “Exclude exclusion – we do inclusion” international projects was the starting point of Multinational Youth Workers Exchange program. The central focus was the development of inclusive learning formats and methods for different seminar phases, thematic areas and group constellations.

During the project the participants compiled an electronic manual containing the methods developed.

We note that AVPU is working for the development of voluntary work in Azerbaijan and the creation of the young volunteers movement, to promote civil society, to contribute to the solution of social, economic and environmental problems and the establishment of international cooperation in order to ensure the international integration of Azerbaijani youth. Our members are actively involved in various international events held in the country and abroad.

We would like to inform that, 4 members of AVPU will represent our country in “Titanic Affairs” training course will be held in the framework of Erasmus programme + of European Commission in Hungary on May 15-23,2015.