“Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle”  training course will be held in Romania.

Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union (AVPU) is looking for 2 active young participants to participate in Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Lifestyle training course which will be take place between 08 – 17 July 2015 in lasi, Romania. Social Entrepreneurship for Youth training course will be organized by the European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ education program and with the partnership of the Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union. The training aims to develop social and professional practical competences of the participants especially on social entrepreneurship field, to raise the cooperation of civil society from countries members of EU and from neighboring countries, to promote the importance of cooperation between civil society and entrepreneurial fields.
The project activities are based on non formal education methods and will include: specialty inputs on social entrepreneurship, human resources management, presentations on Erasmus+, practical activity with an entrepreneur from local community, workshops to conceive a business plan, debate and local meeting related to youth lifestyle, world cafe about the development of fundraising activity etc.
The participant will receive at the end of the training Youthpass Certificates which describe and validate the learning experience acquired during the training and will have the opportunity to fill the self assessment of the 8 key competences developed within the training that will be attached to the certificate.

Information about project management team, trainers and guests:

 The training will be implemented by a team of professionals, trainers of trainers with expertise and performances in youth field and in the topics of the training.

The team of the project are also staff members and have multiple qualifications such as project managers, trainers, quality auditors, evaluators of professional competences, masters of ceremonies, events’ organizers, managers of processes improvements, company evaluation experts, managers of innovation, socio-educative animators etc. Also they have specializations in: team management, leadership, communication and public relations, organisational strategic planning, European youth policies, etc.

The members of the project team of the project and the trainers were involved in the development of cross border strategies; in the creation of international networks, initiated and implemented pilot projects in various domains of interest for the European community.
They are also specialists in non formal education with numerous training programs developed at national and international level, having as beneficiary: youth, youth leaders and youth workers, people from disadvantaged areas, children, talented people, civil servants from public administration, etc.

Information about the host community of the training : lasi, Romania

lasi city is an open air museum that exceeds of monuments, an important cultural, historic and educational center of Romania, a wonderful city which exceeds of history, monuments, traditions, touristic attractions and a huge number of international personalities, intellectuals and technocrats.

More details can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iași

 Shortly information about the training programme

The daily programme will be split in 2 parts: morning sessions will be from 10:00 – 13:00, afternoon sessions will be from 15:00 to 19:00.

I day: official opening of the project, defining expectations, fears and contributions, general presentation of the project, partners presentations

II day: presentation about social entrepreneurship, TV show simulation Examples of good practice of social entrepreneurship

III day: input on developing a business, workshop on planning a social business – part I, intercultural evening

IV day: Erasmus+ presentation, Youthpass presentation, visiting lasi city

V day: debate on youth lifestyle, workshop on planning a social business – part II

VI day: practical activity with a local social entrepreneur, workshop on planning a social business – part III

VII day: meeting with representatives from the local community, free afternoon

VIII day: Non formal method on communication process within an organization, World Cafe on fund raising for
social activities

IX day: workshop and presentation on organizational strategy, workshop on dissemination and follow up, self
assessment on the 8 key competences

X day: final evaluation, final interviews, ceremony of offering Youthpass certificates.

About the participants:

In the selection process of the partners representatives please take into consideration the following participants’ profile:

– to know English (this will be the language used within the training)
– to be involved or to know the activities of your organization
– to be actively involved in youth field
– to be  motivated to be trained  on the topics of the training: youth sector development, social
– entrepreneurship, social inclusion of youth, management organizational, fundraising for social activity
– to have openness for working in a intercultural background and to respect other cultures;
– to disseminate and fructify the competences and knowledge acquired during the training within the organization
– to be over 18 years old
– to participate on the whole duration of the training

Reimbursement within the framework of Erasmus+ education program:

 Visas, transportation costs of participants will be covered up 275 €. The organizers will reimburse 100% of participants’ travel costs (food and drink, accommodation and visa costs).

Deadline: On June 06.2015

We note that AVPU is working for the development of voluntary work in Azerbaijan and the creation of the young volunteers movement, to promote civil society, to contribute to the solution of social, economic and environmental problems and the establishment of international cooperation in order to ensure the international integration of Azerbaijani youth. Our members are actively involved in various international events held in the country and abroad.

Contacts for further information:
Hasan Hasanli: Head of International Relations Department of AVPU
Phone: 0557337630